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Industrija mesa Ivanec d.o.o.
Varaždinska 35,
42240 IVANEC - p.p. 43

Tel. +385 (0)42 / 771- 958
Tel. +385 (0)42 / 771-964
Fax. +385 (0)42 / 771-951


About us

Industrija mesa Ivanec d.o.o. is registered in the Commercial court in Varazdin. The company is in 100 percent private ownership.

Our primary activities are the production, processing and preservation of meat. Industrija mesa Ivanec is one of the middle-sized meat processing industries in the Republic of Croatia.

We are organised to supply all buyers in all areas of the Republic of Croatia, we export to the market of B-H and in the member countries of the European Union.
We have modern meat-packaging, processing and storage capacities at our disposal, as well as the necessary expert staff, which is proven by our numerous references. We can slaughter 20,000 tons of licestock per year.

Industrija mesa Ivanec is one of the three meat industries in the Republic of Croatia registered for the export of baby beef in quarters, ready-made meat and meat products to the member countries of the European Union, which implies that great attention is given to the hygiene of the plant and employees and naturally to the quality of products…

Baby beef which IMI Ivanec delivers is 100% guaranteed of domestic breeding, from our own fattening, which can be documented with adequate certificates. We have approximately 2,500 baby beefs per year in fattening from buying up calves from Podravina – Zagorje basin. We also have approximately 30,000 swine in our own fattening for the needs of fresh meat.
The quality and safety are guaranteed by the system HACCP of control planning, which is implemented in IMI often, as well as by the continuous surveillance of the authorised veterinary inspection.

Annual production of meat goes from around 2,100 tons with a spectrum of around 50 products in the area of semi-durable and durable products, sausage and smoked and cured meat products. We won many acknowledgements for our products.